CSPAN Coverage Tonight at 10:30 pm ET

Jackie Salit, President of IndependentVoting.org, former Congressman Mickey Edwards and I at Friday’s Politics for the People.  (Photo: Beth Brown)

This just in from CSPAN:

CSPAN will be airing Politics for the People tonight at 10:30 pm ET.  The program will reair at 11:30 pm PST, that’s 2:30 am ET.

I hope you will tune in, and then send me your comments.

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  1. Jon M. Martin

     /  May 4, 2012

    Outstanding discussion that truely gets at the “root” of our political dysfunction in the present system. Glad I caught you tonight as you are going national….we need this thinking and perspective to become…..an influential movement and political philosophy.

    I have been a registered independent since 1980 and have never believed in the ability of bi-partisanship to well serve us. I am in North Carolina; let me know if/what/when activities you hope to have here – I would be glad to assist you. Finally, a “platform”/perspective I can get behind…to make a difference.

    Best regards,

    Jon M. Martin, Ph.D. (ABD)

  2. ramon pena

     /  May 7, 2012

    I have participated in many Politics for the People. I actually was there from the beginning, where it all started. A small room of about maybe 20 people, and to see the growth of this event warms my heart and makes me realize the need to educate people about politics in a way we can understand. I recommend all of the readers to participate in future politics for the people, conversations that we will never hear from the media but needed in such a way where we can understand how we must take back control of our electoral process. Thanks for having me there.


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