A Poem by Ramon Pena

Ramon Pena is a member of the NYC Independence Party Executive Committee.  He is a leader, a builder of the independent movement here in NYC and across the country.  He is a man of courage, commitment and compassion.  Recently, Ramon and his mother lost their East Harlem home of 20 years.  Ramon is now temporarily living in a shelter on Randall’s Island.

He wrote this poem after his first week at the shelter.



One Huge room

30 Beds

30 Men

30 men forgotten

30 men who have given up

Politics and politicians

Gave them 30 beds

Sleeping and hopeless


30 Men who need development


They don’t know what that is

It has affected them in every way possible

30 Plates of cold food

30 men yelling and clamoring for development

Not knowing that is what they are yelling for

1 man


I know what growth and development is

Share it with the 30

The 30 men

30 men who feel that 30 beds is all they need

I am #31

we need more

I bring development

 it is hope


Ed Brady and Ramon Pena (r) outside the shelter on Randall's Island

Ed Brady and Ramon Pena (r) outside the shelter on Randall’s Island


Memories, East Harlem Photo by Cathy Stewart


Photo by Ramon Pena, 2012

Photo by Ramon Pena
















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  1. Thanks for this heartfelt and powerful poem Ramon and Cathy.


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