A Few Thoughts About Our Declaration

Although Our Declaration is nominally about how the Declaration of Independence was written, it is also about how the American Revolution was produced.

Allen’s account shows the American Revolution was not an idealistic or utopian whim, but a political choice that the colonists made, in the first instance, because the government of King George had, quite literally, ceased to function in the American colonies.  Whatever else it was, the revolution was a pragmatic response to the threat of social and political chaos.

Lou Hinman, Center

Her examination of “democratic writing” is thought provoking.  Can we imagine our current political representatives in Washington cooperating in a task of magnitude comparable to the Declaration of Independence?  No way!  Democratic writing is one of the many complex organizing tasks that are only possible when people are struggling with all their might to create something new together.

For these reasons, I think Our Declaration is significant for the independent political movement.  Have not the vast majority of our nominal political leaders ceased also to carry out the functions of government?  Have they not ceased to work together for the good of the commonwealth?  The independent movement is a revolution in the making — a non-violent one — to restore the collective creativity of the American people.

Lou Hinman
New York City

Book Club Conference Call with Danielle Allen

Sunday, October 19th at 7 pm EST

Call in number 805 399-1200

Access code 767775#

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  1. susan massad

     /  October 17, 2014

    great comment Lou. I like the analogy Susan

  2. Natesha Oliver

     /  October 18, 2014

    I would like to stand corrected on a previous post. After finishing Our Declaration By Danielle Allen, I gained a new understanding about who they were referring to when talking about captives from the high seas. I originally believed them to be referring to slaves. However, all else is the same.
    Thank You Ms. Allen for a new experience in the slow reading and break down of the Declaration.

    I Look forward to the conference call tomorrow…

    Love & Independent Light To All


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