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It’s an honor to write a small piece after reading the book Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City. I have read many books but none has hit as close to home as this one. Why? Because I was evicted from my apartment in 2014 after 20 years of living there. Never a missed rent or late payment. I was evicted because of greed.My neighborhood was changing and rents were skyrocketing. My landlord had a legal maneuvering to get rid of me and my mother. He had no pity for us. We even got a sheriff notice to leave the premises.

I ended up in one of the worse shelters in New York City I became depressed and angry. I was disappointed  by my Democratic Political leaders. The party of the poor turned their backs on me. I spent 2 years in a system that was meant to keep your spirits down. Daily fights, drugs, prostitution, was the program of the days in that shelter. I could write a book about it and one day I might.

I eventually gave up on a system that really was not designed to help the homeless. I left to another state. The state of New Jersey.In less than 3 weeks I found something. A small studio which I can can afford and call mine.

I want to thank Matthew Desmond for this book, it’s real and gritty the way life really is.

Again thank you for being a voice of the homeless and evicted.

Ramon Pena is a long time independent activist, currently living in New Jersey.

ramonRamon, with family and friends  in his apartment in Perth Amboy, NJ


Politics for the People Conference Call

With Matthew Desmond

Sunday, October 23rd at 7 pm EST

Call In Number: 641 715-3605

Access code 767775#

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