Reader’s Forum — Maureen Albanese and Helen Abel

Maureen Albanese

Maureen Albanese

Elizabeth Rosenthal lays out in clear language why our healthcare system got in this sorry state and what we can do to help ourselves get better and cheaper care — but that is not enough.  We must also start electing politicians who will get us to a better healthcare system.  Healthcare should be a right — not a privilege as it is now.  We need to organize our fellow Americans around this issue as we are all but one illness away from homelessness.  This book will be a great conversation starter, but more people need to read it and work together to get the system we deserve.

We can look to France, which has the best healthcare in the world, to help us formulate a better healthcare system.  This healthcare system is not sustainable and until a major overhaul is done America itself will be bankrupt.

Maureen Albanese is an administrative assistant and activist. She lives in Manhattan.

Helen Abel


I found An American Sickness a provocative look at the health care industry and how big profits have been substituted for humane patient care.  Elisabeth goes into great detail about how this has happened and definitely makes a case for the Canadian or Great Britain models of health care.  She also gives tips on how to find out how your hospital rates nationally, where to get drugs more cheaply, and a host of other information.  A good go-to also if you are dealing with a difficult medical situation.

Helen Abel is a Life performance coach and political activist.


Politics for the People

Conference Call

An American Sickness

With Author Elisabeth Rosenthal

Sunday, Dec. 2nd at 7 pm EST.

Call in number:  641-715-3605 

Passcode 767775#


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