Politics for the People is a free educational series for independents created by Cathy L. Stewart, chair of the New York County Independence Party and an activist in independent politics since 1984.

A popular event among Independence Party members, it explores history and politics from an independent point of view and uses a variety of  formats,  always including an extended
Q & A discussion session with participants.

In 2012, Politics for the People  launched a national online Book Club.

Politics for the People classes take place three or four times a year in and around New York City and with our new Book Club, holds bi-monthly conference calls featuring authors writing on topics of interest to independents.

Participants in the Book Club receive links to book reviews, author bio’s, study questions for selected books or articles we’ll delve into, and hear directly from authors and special guests.  The conference calls are lively, thought provoking conversations.  I hope you will join us.

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